Behind The Sash follows Four powerful women as they travel the nation and abroad to shine a light on issues of injustice whilst searching for the next Mrs Australia

“Take the raw doco style of Ross Kemp, the charitable heart of Undercover Boss, the glamour of Australia’s Next Top Model – throw it in a pot and you have BEHIND THE SASH!” — Danielle McAlpine Johnson, Creator

In each episode we travel to one unique location, shine a light on one issue of injustice and discover one glamorous woman taking a stand. By the end of the series we will have hand picked 10 powerhouse women to run for Mrs Australia. No more “plastic fantastic”… these women of substance are #WOMENONTHERISE


Danielle – CREATOR

Danielle is an internationally published Writer, Director, Producer devoted to using the performing arts to explore issues of injustice. A fireball of passion, Danielle is a woman who doesn’t shy away from being radical in the name of LOVE. With a quirky sense of humour Danielle is a Mumma to 3 and ANCHOR to the women of Behind The Sash.

Jyselle — Runway

By day, a Supermodel and Marketing Manager, and by night, Founder of not-for-profit organisation Wall of Jasper. A proud mum and wife, Jyselle is grounded and intentional. She’s passionate about the runway and coaching women to own who they are! Jyselle is the SAFE PLACE for the women of Behind The Sash, living in her own beautiful bubble… an interesting contrast in the pageant arena.

Becky — Food & Fashion

Becky is one hot fashionista but don’t let her keen sense of style and make-up fool you! Hostess with absolute mostess, Becky lives half her life in the sky and is a pillar of strength for her son with special needs. Tough, with a brave heart Becky brings EDGE to the women of Behind The Sash.

Sofia — Mrs Australia National Director

Mrs Australia National Director, Entrepreneur, Mother of 7 and a proud grandmother! Sofia is the kind of woman who, when she needs 3000 garments washed, will go and set up her own laundry just to get the job done! Her greek-lish ways will have you in stitches! Opa! Sofia is BIG MUMMA to the women of Behind The Sash.

A Nation Wide Callout to find WOMEN WITH SUPER POWERS


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